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NOAM Beer is a natural, unfiltered lager. Brewed with Bavarian ingredients according to the German Purity Law.
As the winner of the European Beer Star and the Cannes Lion Design awards, NOAM makes every moment special for both beer enthusiasts and design fans alike. Exclusively for the hospitality industry, bring these unique experiences home.

As an homage to the Bavarian Helles, NOAM carries forward the values of the time-honored brewing tradition.

  • 34 CL Glass Bottle
  • Alcohol 5.2 % Vol.
  • Finest Bavarian Aroma Hops and Malts
  • Locally sourced ingredients: Hop, Barley malt, water, yeast
  • Naturally finished: No stabilization, no filtration
  • Best before: 10 months from arrival
  • UV light protection along supply chain
  • Break proofed delivery
  • Drinks responsibly, keep away from underage people and do not consume when pregnant

We offer FREE SHIPPING within the European Union, England and Switzerland.

  • We offer free shipping within the European Union, England, and Switzerland. Global shipping rates start at 80€.
  • We utilize the following shipping service providers: DPD, UPS, and DHL (for global shipping).
  • Our delivery time: 2-3 business days for national shipping within Germany and England, 5-7 business days for shipping within Europe, and global shipping can take up to 4 weeks.
  • Please note that the pack of 48 will be delivered in 2 packages of 24 bottles each.
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  • Local holidays may extend delivery times. Please anticipate potential delays in delivery times for orders before holidays, especially during the Christmas season.
Product data
  • Ingredients: Water, Barley Malt, Hops, Yeast
  • Alcohol Content (in Vol. %): 5.2 Vol. %
  • Packaging Material: Glass Bottle
  • Contents / Packaging Size: 34 cl
  • Caloric Content: 133 kcal / 34cl
  • Allergen Notice: Barley Malt
  • Storage: Store in a cool, dark place until consumption



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Our Story

NOAM was founded with the intention to disrupt the beer market and establish a new image for beer beyond the boundaries of expectations. Our company is family built and we aim to cultivate a community of creatives that challenge established norms and elevate the status quo.

People of NOAM

NOAM was founded based on a vision and not a geographical location or local heritage. We designed in Berlin, founded in Munich, launched in Paris, sold in London and made a Party in Tel Aviv. Our home is where our community is.

What connects us is the passion for travelling, design and taste and bringing people together to enjoy special moments.

With an open mind we invite everyone sharing our values to join the party.

Our Partner

We partner exclusively with leaders of the hospitality industry. We share the common vision to pioneer the dining and drinking experiences for our customers with ever new ideas, concepts and occasions. Iconic places like Chiltern Firehouse, Scorpios, Il Pelicano, Hotel Costes are amongst the first partners to join the NOAM pioneering spirit.



Your NOAM is priced slightly higher due to its genuine craftsmanship. Our small team values premium ingredients. Our hops come from the world-renowned Hallertau region, and we use the precious Smaragd hops. The bottle has been designed by the renowned ACNE Studio and stands out with its unique design. The naturally cloudy beer is an authentic natural product and is produced strictly according to the German Beer Purity Law in a state-of-the-art brewing facility. NOAM exclusively finds its place in the finest European gastronomic establishments. You won't find it in retail stores because our goal is to create exceptional moments together with you. Of course, you will receive an invoice with your order.


Your NOAM comes in a cool transparent bottle designed by ACNE Studios. Throughout the entire delivery journey, we ensure that the beer is protected from light. A quick ray of sunshine here and there is not a problem, but you shouldn't expose it to direct sunlight for extended periods. It's best to enjoy it promptly. This way, your NOAM stays in top form and ready to be savored by you. After enjoying, you can request a free return label from our shop and send the bottles back to us for reuse. To prevent bottle breakage, please use our two shipping boxes for this purpose.


Your NOAM order will be securely shipped by our reliable transportation partners. We've designed specially robust shipping boxes to protect the bottles from breakage. Additionally, we've added an extra layer of protection in the form of an outer carton. This ensures that your order arrives in the best condition possible. You can rely on us to take every effort to deliver your NOAM bottles safely and intact to you.

Local Pickup

If you don't want to wait any longer to get your hands on NOAM, we have a great option for you. In Munich, you can pick up your NOAM directly from us. Just visit us on Fürstenstraße after placing your order in the shop. You can take it with you on the same day.

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Customer Reviews

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Nice beer but a bit pricey

Nice beer, had it in Munich, nice beer but a bit pricey at the moment £60 for 24.


Delicious :)

Use coupon code WLCM10 for 10% off your first order.


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