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Our design language is rooted in the believe that an open mind is essential for true progress. Having an open, creative mind allows us to critically assess the established norms of the beverage industry as a whole. As a pioneer we aim to change the perception of what a beer can be. The bottle design plays an important part as the first taste of NOAM is with your eyes.

NOAM worked in partnership with the famous Swedish brand ACNE to challenge the status quo of the beverage industry. The creative agency shares the same values as NOAM and we came up with the unique design of the bottle.

The ripples are both a reference to the silhouette of the bottle cap as well as to Munich’s Architecture. King Ludwig 1st built Munich’s most precious palaces in the style of Classicism, typical for its Roman poles.

As a homage to the great Bavarian helles beer, our Design language is both timeless yet modern.

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