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In contrast to craft brewing, NOAM was developed at the epicenter of brewing sciences. The Technical University of Munich runs the so-called School of Life Sciences in Weihenstephan.

Research is carried out here from the molecule to the plant to the ecosystem and the landscape under the motto “One Health”.

The internationally renowned Chair of Brewing and Beverage Technology is also part of the School of Life Sciences. Students and beverage companies from all over the world come to the Weihenstephan research brewery to learn and research. It is considered the oldest academic training center for brewing and at the same time one of the most modern research breweries in the world.

This is where the unique recipe for NOAM was created. The fine taste was developed in collaboration with the heads of the research brewery Weihenstephan Dr. Florian Schüll, Dr. Johannes Tippmann and qualified master brewer Michael Ammer.

The synergies of innovative strength, cutting-edge technology and research from what is probably the best facility for brewing research are combined in NOAM. We are proud to be able to share this high tech Bavarian brewing tradition with the world.

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